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Is Your Home Ready for Spring?

Spring is just around the corner, March 20th to be exact. During the winter months, your home has endured the harsh weather, and all that snow, rain, wind, and ice is taking a toll on the health of your home. When the weather starts to warm up, be sure to check for any damage with these quick tips.

Clean your gutters and downspouts
Grab a ladder, put on some gloves, and remove any debris that’s been collecting in your gutters. Use your hose to remove any leftover debris and to ensure water is traveling through the downspouts and away from your foundation. Do a quick check to ensure nothing has come loose or detached from the house.

Inspect your roof
The elements of winter can be damaging to your roof. Start with a visual inspection to check for missing shingles or anything that simply doesn’t look right. Call your local roofing company if repairs are needed.

Check your driveway and walkways
The harsh weather conditions and constant freezing and thawing of snow and ice can be damaging to concrete, asphalt, or other materials. Check for any damage and patch up the areas that allow for a quick fix. Depending on the damage, a professional may be required.

Service your AC unit
It’s important to take care of your AC unit. Just because it’s providing cool air, doesn’t mean it’s working efficiently. It’s recommended to hire a professional to clean and service your air conditioner to keep it running properly.

Other quick maintenance tips:
– Test smoke alarms
– Replace filters (i.e. water, hood range, and air vents)
– Check your hose faucets
– Inspect windows and door – recaulk and replace weather stripping as needed
– Fix or replace torn window screens
– Wash exterior windows
– Clean the BBQ

Keep your home in tip-top shape by doing seasonal checks and maintenance to prepare for the seasons ahead. 

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