About Your Association

Your Association Staff

Sandy Raymer

Executive Officer

  • Association Management
  • Board of Directors
  • Strategic Plan

Kelly Warr

Operations Manager

  • Office and Staff management
  • Government Relations
  • Statistics

Alicia Daly

Executive Assistant (covering mat leave)

  • Assistant to Executive Officer
  • Public Relations
  • Professional Development
  • Member Events

Carolyn Irvine

Event & Member Services Coordinator

  • Membership changes​
  • Accounts Receivable of quarterly invoice payments
  • New membership applications
  • New Member Orientation
  • MPower (Member Management System)​

Susan Williams

Administrative Assistant / MLS®

  • Receptionist​
  • Electronic Lockbox inquiries​
  • Appraiser and Subscriber access to Matrix​
  • Interboards backup​

Tracy Allen

MLS® Coordinator & Trainer

  • MLS® Listings
  • New listing audits and Infractions
  • Admin and Unlicensed Assistant access to Matrix
  • Training: Electronic Lockboxes, Matrix, GeoWarehouse
  • RETS feed requests
  • Clareity issues

Wanita Kraneis

MLS® Coordinator

  • MLS® Listings
  • Interboards

Selina Schwoob

MLS® Coordinator

  • MLS® Listings​

Your 2023 Board of Directors

Matthew Lidbetter


Chuck Murney


Bonnie Looby


William Ballard


Nicole Baumgartner


D’Arcy Hunt


Anastasia Langiano


Stan Reljic


Heather Scott


Association Strategic Plan Priorities

  • Securing data access
  • Conduct organizational review
  • Hold face to face member events
  • Conduct member survey
  • Initiate review of education model of delivery
  • Determine use of building sale proceeds
  • Merger discussions from other interested associations in partnering/merging/sharing


Providing services that support member success


Local REALTORS® are the consumers first choice

2023 Committees and Task Forces

  • Executive/Finance Committee
    Matthew Lidbetter (chair), William Ballard, Bonnie Looby, Chuck Murney
  • Building Strategy Task Force
    Chuck Murney (Chair), Doug Fraser, Catharine Inniss, Bonnie Looby, Stan Reljic, Mike Scholte, Mike Stahls, Wendy Webb
  • Lakelands Professional Network Committee
    Anastasia Langiano (chair), Heather Scott (co-chair), Nicole Baxter, Justin Bock, Christina Clayton, Sabrina Staunton
  • Government Relations Committee
    William Ballard (chair), Stan Reljic (co-chair), Nicole Baumgartner, Scott Broad, Greg Calahan and Mike Stahls
  • Member Relations Committee
    D’Arcy Hunt (chair), Mack Giles, Mark Lewis, Shelly Pratt, Mary Regno, Andrea Strano, Irene Wilson

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteering with the Association provides opportunities to give back to the community and is great way to meet your colleagues and build new networks. Be part of making a difference to build a stronger Association and community.

Interested in volunteering? Contact Sandy at executiveofficer@thelakelands.ca